Inez Meurs

Inez Meurs approaches the organisation of higher education from the perspective of the different stakeholders. She started in 1993 as lecturer, in both Dutch and international/internationally oriented institutions, private and public, to students and professionals. Since 2001 her efforts to identify opportunities for improvement and also implement these, have led to her responsibility for managing academic programmes and leading teams of academics and administrative staff. The themes she focuses on especially are internationalisation of the curricula, implementing a market and customer focus, professionalising the organisation of education, and executing innovation projects to give a lasting boost to the quality of education.

For several years now she combines development, implementation and evaluation policy on institutional level with initiating change processes in the education workplace. Her coaching and involvement only stop when the desired outcome has been delivered successfully. Starting point here is the belief that professional expertise will benefit an organisation most when a clear framework offers as much freedom to act as possible.

Inez is also a wanted speaker in (international) presentations, seminars, workshops and training courses on internationalisation at home, project management, organising summer schools, and the accreditation of higher education.

She is active within the European Association for International Education, amongst other things acting as chair of the board of the Network of European Summer Schools.

In 1999 Inez, together with Jeroen Torenbeek, started Ziggurat BV, a company in which they combined their activities in the field of (internationalisation of) higher education for others.

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