The minister of a European country wants himself and his staff to receive an update on the necessity and possibilities of academic Summer Schools. Jeroen is known as one of the leading experts in this field, and gives a presentation.


A British University runs a prestigious network, which has organisational difficulties. Moreover, a large part of the revenue goes to overhead, rather than content. Jeroen chairs a small committee of international scholars. The final advice is clear.


A Dutch city, founded in the seventies, will soon grow to be the fourth city in the country. But the government is not keen on allowing the founding of a new university, let alone finance it. Ziggurat develops a very unorthodox plan. It will be international.


The mayor of an Italian village wants to keep the momentum going, and also internationalise secondary education. For once, Ziggurat does not focus on Higher Education.

Summer School

Several Dutch and European Universities ask for support in setting up an academic summer school. Ziggurat’s role varies from advising and coaching to the actual implementation of a new structure.


Upon request Jeroen Torenbeek and Inez Meurs provide training courses on running an International Office, International Project Management, Internationalisation at Home and Running a Summer School successfully.

At numerous conferences Jeroen Torenbeek and Inez Meurs offered workshops, chaired sessions and gave presentations.


A university institute in Northern Italy asks Ziggurat’s support in solving fundamental and substantial problems.


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