Posted by ziggurat
on 15 januari 2016
Reacties staat uit voor Consultancy

Virtually anyone can use good advice sometimes (which does not automatically have to be expensive). We advised on stalled relationships within the university, on projects that got out of hand, but also on completely new initiatives. And not unimportant; we usually did so also getting our own hands dirty.

Some examples from the past: in 2002 Jeroen advised the Greek Minister of Education and religion on aspects of internationalisation of higher education. And in 2006 he advised a Dutch municipality in the establishment and shaping of a new form of higher education.  Inez and Jeroen also coached a number of colleagues in recent years.
In 2011 and 2012 Inez led a large project for the OECD in Paris. Dutch stakeholders were the Ministry of Education, the Vereniging Hogescholen (organisation of Universities for Applied Sciences) and the VSNU (organisation of the Research Universities).

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